Info about kittens

Kittens will be born in our bedroom in a kitten box, where they spend their first weeks with their mother. When the kittens are about three weeks old it might happen that the mother cat wants to move the kittens from their box to some other place (e.g. the lowest box of climbing frame) from where we persuade her to move the kittens back after having changed the kittens box to new one. As doors between other rooms are always open, kittens easily get used to other cats living with us.

During the very first weeks there is a barrier of ca 30 cm high at our bedroom's doorway. First kitten to climb over the barrier is the king . When the kittens are brave enough, they can roam our home freely and they get familiar with normal living voices. Of course the vacuum cleaner is firstly some kind of a shock, but soon after it is great fun to run after vacuum cleaner's nozzle. Sweeping is great fun to kittens, too. Try to sweep the floor when several kittens want to give a hand!

Kittensī first food is the mother cat's milk. At the age of about four (4) weeks they are adjusted to al dente food. At first they get fresh food e.g. minced meat (with vitamins) and later industrial wet food and a bit dry cat food. When kittens are ready to move to their new homes they have well balanced diet of all type of food (depending on their personality).

Kittens are dewormed, vaccinated two times, microchiped, registered in Federation of Finland (SRK) (and FiFe) and they can transferred at the earliest at the age of 12 weeks. If the new owner wants, the kitten can be sterilised before the transfer.

Every kitten is of course valued as a loved pet in the new family. We would appreciate it very much if the new owner would visit cat shows (even if only once). We shall pay for the first show fee of the transferred kitten. Judge's evaluation about the cat would be suggestive support for the breeding.

Somali cats are very active by nature and participate in family's everyday life. Tips: itīs better to close the toilet lid always after use, and when opening the closet door (wardrobe, kitchen closet, bookshelf closet etc.) be sure that the cat is not inside the closet before closing the door (normally there is!). Somali cats love to climb, they can easily jump up on the top of the door, and even bookshelf is a good climbing tree. If you want to get it easier, you can buy a climbing tree or made one yourself.

We do not want our cats to be sold as outdoor cats. Outdoor activities are a lovely hobby, but only under controlled circumstances. You can take a cat for a walk with a harness, or you can build a pen or put net over your balcony. There is story about Pipsa's activities in my parent's summer cottage: when being outdoors Pipsa preferred to lie down on a chair rather than walk in the forest with a harness.

You are warmly welcome to visit us to get to know our Somali cats, even then when there are no kittens to be seen!